We know you love Dr. Damian, but you probably don’t want to spend your time over the holidays visiting him with an emergency.  These five tips will help you avoid a dental visit during the holiday season.

  1. Use a nutcracker, not your teeth.
    Nuts are a great protein source, but don’t test the strength of your teeth by using them to shell nuts.  The hard shell can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums.
  1. Avoid sticky, sugary treats.
    We know that treats are a big part of the holiday season, but try to avoid candies like taffy and caramel that can stick to your teeth causing tooth decay.  These thick candies can even pull out fillings!
  1. Don’t use your teeth to open packages or bottles.
    The best gift you can give your teeth is a pair of scissors or a bottle opener.  Using your teeth to open those long awaited gifts or much needed beer can lead to tooth fractures that could require a root canal or crown.
  1. Hard candy and ice aren’t for crunching.
    Let the ice in your cocktail naturally melt.  The same goes for hard candy.  Crunching into either of these can lead to cracked or chipped teeth.
  1. Nail biting is a “no no”.
    Biting your nails may reduce your stress during the holidays, but it is linked to grinding, tooth sensitivity and jaw pain.